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Evacuation Planning

Evacuation Drills

Often during an emergency, confusion and uncertainty cause more injuries than the actual emergency. The Office of Risk Management takes an active role in educating employees on the evacuation procedures and training Department Safety Liaisons (DSLs) on assisting individuals during emergencies. Evacuation drills are an educational tool, as well as, an evaluation tool used to identify areas needing improvement.


During an Emergency

Leave your building immediately when an alarm sounds or if you are instructed to do so by one of The University of Texas System (the UT System) Guards. Leave immediately by the nearest safe exit and go to your designated meeting site. The following steps should be taken while exiting. These steps should not delay exiting.

  • As you exit, notify others who might not have heard the alarm or evacuation order
  • If possible, close doors as you exit the building. Do not go out of your way to close a door.
  • Walk quickly, but do not run, to the nearest safe exit.
  • Do not use an elevator unless authorized emergency personnel tell you to do so
  • Do not re-enter the building until someone with the authority gives the all clear signal
  • Move away from the building
  • Go to your evacuation meeting site
  • Report any missing or trapped persons to emergency personnel

If you are required to leave the building immediately but are unable to (because of a physical disability, injury or obstruction):

  • Move to the nearest safe area such as the stairwell and wait for emergency responders
  • Dial 911 if possible to alert emergency responders of your location
  • Signal out the window to emergency responders, if possible

As soon soon as you have evacuated:

  • Move away from the building
  • Assemble in your buildings assigned meeting place
  • Report any missing or trapped people to the emergency responders
  • Wait at the meeting place for further instructions
  • Do not re-enter the building until an "all clear" signal has been given


Your DSL maintains a copy of the UT System Complex Emergency Response Plan. Your DSL should be the first point of contact with questions pertaining to evacuation planning. For questions or comments regarding evacuation planning, contact Risk Control at 512.499.4661.


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