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University Resilience

University Resilience is a term that relates to the capability of a higher education Institution to continue the primary missions of education, patient care, research, and service despite potentially disruptive events.

"Every college and university in the country now understands that traditional planning for crisis events is inadequate. The scale of the problem has changed dramatically and while most of the work done in the past to contend with disasters on campus provided a solid foundation on which to build, a very different kind of preparation and response is now necessary." -Learning History, The Boston Consortium of Higher Education November 2002.

University Resilience efforts help:

  • Protect the lives and safety of students, patients, staff and faculty of the Institution in the face of potentially catastrophic events and disasters
  • Maintain continuity of operations (teach students, care for patients, conduct research and service) despite disastrous events-or to resume operations quickly after such events

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