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Comprehensive Property Protection Plan Loss Reporting

Under the Comprehensive Property Protection Plan (CPPP) losses over $25,000 shall be reported directly to the Office of Risk Management (ORM) utilizing the First Report of Property Loss Form and sent to John Santos, CPCU, Claims Coordinator.   

The Office of Risk Management will measure and adjust all losses under $1,000,000 and coordinate with Willis/HRH.  ORM will notify Willis/HRH on all losses over $500,000 for reporting to the carriers as Notice Only claims.  VeriClaim will adjust and measure all losses greater than $1,000,000.

ORM will provide VeriClaim the necessary information for processing the initial claim notice for losses over $1,000,000 and conduct any follow-ups with VeriClaim if needed.


In addition to the required notification, the Institution must:

Protect the property from further damage
Notify the police of loss by theft
Contact BMS Catastrophe, Inc. 800.433.2940 and Cotton Commercial USA, Inc. 877.511.2962 for restoration and recovery services
Immediately organize the damaged and undamaged personal property
Make reasonable, necessary repairs to protect the property and keep an accurate record of repair expenses
Furnish a complete inventory list of all damaged or destroyed property insured under the CPPP. Inventory information provided must give complete quantity, cost, actual cash value and amount of loss claimed.
Provide bills, receipts and related documentation for damaged or destroyed property under the CPPP


Claim reporting contacts

John Santos, CPCU, Claims Coordinator

Office of Risk Management

Office: 512.579.5029

Cell: 512.970.0249


Stacy Youngdale, Manager of Risk Finance

Office of Risk Management

Office: 512.499.4401

Cell: 512.917.9989


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