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General Liability Claims Reporting

Third party claims can occur as a result of injuries or damages sustained by a third party that are caused by the Institution. The Office of General Counsel of The University of Texas System requires immediate notice of the essential details of any possible claim that may arise under the Texas Tort Claims Act (Chapter 101, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code).

Prompt reporting of claims or possible claims arising under the Texas Tort Claims Act is necessary so that:

  1. Potential legal action can be identified;
  2. Complete facts required for the assessment, resolution and/or defense of such a claim can be obtained and;
  3. Any required third party notifications, including notice to the Attorney General's office or any applicable insurance carriers can be timely given.

For more information regarding claims reporting for General Liability, refer to UTS114-Reporting Claims (or Possible Claims) Arising Under Texas Tort Claims Act.


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