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The University of Texas System (UT System) Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) Program operates pursuant to Chapter 503 of the Texas Labor Code. Funding for this self-insured program is provided through an assessment against the total payroll of each UT System institution. All costs associated with the program, including benefits to employees and administrative expenses, are paid from these funds. WCI Administration self-insures the program. Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI) administers the program from offices located in Austin, Dallas and Houston.


University of Texas System Contact

To report injuries for The University of Texas System employees, contact Dawn Davies at 512.499.4663 or 512.499.4675 or toll-free at 888.396.6844.


Non-Health Care Network: 972.404.8133
Health Care Network: 214.217.5939 or Toll-Free: 888.466.6381
Fax: 214.217.5937 or 877.946.6638


The University of Texas System c/o CCMSI
Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 802082
Dallas, Texas 75380
Toll-free: 888.396.6844
Fax: 972.386.7918


Workers' Compensation Insurance
Contact: Workers' Compensation Insurance
Phone: 512.499.4675
Fax: 512.499.4671
Toll-free: 888.396.6844

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