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Electronic Billing (eBilling)

Workers' compensation system health care providers and insurance carriers are required to be able to exchange medical billing and reimbursement data electronically in accordance with 28 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 133.500.

The primary benefit of eBilling is that the insurance carriers will provide an electronic acknowledgement to health care providers that the bill was received. The eBill process is expected to reduce payment processing time as well as reduce billing and coding errors.

The University of Texas System (UT System), through Injury Management Organization, Inc. (IMO) has selected Work Comp EDI as its clearinghouse for the electronic receipt of medical bills from medical providers treating UT System employees with work-related injuries or illnesses.

UT System encourages all providers to become a trading partner with Work Comp EDI.

For more information regarding Work Comp EDI; Workers' Compensation Clearinghouse:
Call toll-free: 800.297.6909
Register on-line: Work Comp EDI

Or contact Injury Management Organization, Inc.
Call toll-free: 877.742.4477

The University of Texas System's payor ID is CB156.

Electronic Billing

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