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What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers' Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed to provide medical benefits and, in some cases, financial payments to employees on the payroll of The University of Texas System (the UT System) who suffer injuries or occupational diseases in the course and scope of employment.


Medical Aid

In instances of injury or illness arising out of or in the course of employment, the employee is entitled to all medical aid, hospital services and medication reasonably required at the time of injury and anytime thereafter to cure and relieve the effects naturally resulting from the injury.


Financial Benefits

In some instances, financial benefits will be available to offset a temporary loss of wage earning capacity and/or to compensate for permanent impairment due to the injury. Workers' Compensation Insurance is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE, nor does it provide compensation for damage to or loss of personal property.


UT System Employees

To report injuries for UT System employees, contact Amy Lee at 512.499.4645 or at 512.499.4675 or toll free at 888.396.6844.



Non-Health Care Network: 972.404.8133
Health Care Network: 214.217.5939 or Toll-Free: 888.466.6381
Fax: 214.217.5937 or 877.946.6638

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