Policy Acknowledgement Blanks

104 Law Enforcement Authority

105 Jurisdiction of a University of Texas System Police Officer

106 Annual Crime Report

107 Inspection and Staff Assistance Program

108 Disclosure of Campus Security Policies and Campus Crime Statistics

120 FERPA Compliance

130 HIPAA Compliance

201 Bias-Based Profiling and Racial Profiling

204 Complaint Investigation

205 Grievance Procedure

206 Training Roles, Requirements, and Responsibilities

208 Discipline and Appeal Procedure

212 Code of Conduct

213 Personal Grooming and Uniform Regulation

214 Documentation, Preservation and Disclosure of Evidence for Criminal Prosecution

312 Field Training

330 - Tactical Trauma Care - Law Enforcement Self Aid - Buddy Aid (LE SABA)

401 Procedure for Qualifying Applicants for Employment as a Police Cadet

401A Applicant Selection Process for Employment as a Police Officer

401B Applicant Selection Process for Employment as a Telecommunicator

402 Physical Agility Test

403 Licensed TCOLE Position Transfers

404 Secondary Employment-Civilian Personnel

405 Secondary Employment - Police Officers

406 Part Time Peace Officers

407 Promotional Process

408 Performance Evaluations for Commissioned Peace Officers

410 Honorably Retired Officers

411 Awards Program

412 Advanced Development and Career Excellence Program (ADVANCE)

413 Body Worn Video (BWV) Camera Program

421 Sexual Assault Response and Investigation

422 Cold Case/Criminal Apprehension Program

423 Fugitive Apprehension Program

430 Line of Duty Death

440 Procedure for Qualifying Applicants as a Guard or Public Safety Officer/University Police

601 Use of Force

604 Firearms, Less-Lethal Weapons and Ammunition

605 - Administrative Investigations of/Response to Critical Incidents Including Use of Deadly Force and Officer-Involved Deaths

612 - Dog and Wild Animal Encounters

710 Major Crimes Team

714 Vehicle Pursuits

715 Use of Emergency Vehicular Devices

728 Director of Police Notification

732 Eyewitness Identification

734 Unmarked and Marked Police Fleet Vehicle Operations

735 Discreet Armored Vehicles

736 Emergency Rescue Armored Personnel Vehicle (MRAP) Mission and Use

742 System Rapid Response Team

802 Unusual Occurrences, Disasters and Special Operations

807 Crowd Management/Civil Disorder Response

808 Critical Incident Negotiation Policy

810 Criminal Intelligence

813 Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings

842 Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Process

843 Special Event Risk Assessment

844 Campus Threat Assessment, Investigation and Mitigation

845 US Government Security Clearances for Select UTSP Personnel

846 Communicable Disease Encounters

903 Social Media

1201 Impounding and Inventory of Personal Property

1203 Evidence Management

1205 Forfeiture of Contraband



DP-1 Personal History Statement


Policy Acknowledgements Received to Date




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