UT System Police Featured Officer of the Month


May 2017

Eric Johanson

UT Austin PD



Sergeant Eric Johanson began his career with the UT System Police in 2012 graduating from the 93rd Basic Peace Officer Course at the UT System Police Academy.  He is currently assigned as a patrol supervisor on evening shift patrol.  He works alongside his K9 partner Jarno and they are certified in explosives detection and criminal apprehension.  In addition, Eric is assigned as an assistant team leader on the System Rapid Response Team and the UT Austin Counter Assault Strike Team after completing basic SWAT school in 2016.

While Eric has numerous assigned duties, he finds his work in the K9 unit and the opportunity to develop young officers the most rewarding.  The daily challenges that handling and training a police canine are constant reminders that every day provides an opportunity to make progress and there are countless paths towards improvement.  Eric defers to the late General Patton in his approach to development of both his officers on shift and within the K9 unit, "If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

Eric models his police work and leadership style after mentors and peers from his time serving in the military.  Eric earned a combat infantry badge in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Lessons learned and experience from leading infantry soldiers in Afghanistan motivates Eric to focus on building teams and developing the people and processes of patrol at UT Austin.

During his career at UTPD Austin, Eric has been the recipient of the UT System Academy Top Cadet Award, Certificate of Merit, Police Commendation Award, and the Supervisor of the Year award.

Eric is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and is a graduate of Northern Illinois University.  Since relocating to the Austin area in 2011, Eric has set his roots on the north shore of Lake Travis with the hopes of someday being considered a real Texan.



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