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seekUT is a free online tool created by The University of Texas System to present data on the employment outcomes of UT graduates over time. It includes median earnings of graduates working full time in Texas at one, five, and ten years after graduation, as well as median student loan debt for those who took out loans. All of this and more is available by major.

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  • Thinking about getting your bachelor's degree?
  • Working Full Time in Texas...
  • Top Five First-Year Salaries for Bachelor's in a STEM or Health-related field...
  • Interested in Business...
  • Passionate about helping others...
  • What about student loans?
  • Bachelor's degree recipients stay in Texas...
  • Training teachers and healthcare professionals...
  • A great tool for undergraduate students...
  • Thinking about graduate school?
  • seekUT Medical
  • seekUT Dental
  • Salaries for those with graduate degrees
  • Getting a Master's degree in a STEM field...
  • Top 5 Master's Degrees in non-STEM fields...
  • Graduates with doctoral degrees in STEM fields...
  • Median first-year salaries for graduates with professional degrees...
  • Financing advanced degrees
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