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Shared Visions



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Abstracts are no longer being accepted.  Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent to the identified primary and secondary author by Monday, September 22, 2014.
Abstract Submission Procedure
Submission Deadline: Friday, August 29, 2014, 5:00 p.m.

The primary goal of the University of Texas Shared Visions conference is to encourage the transfer of learning and applicable best practices across the UT System.   Therefore all graduates of the CS&E course and participants in the Systems Engineering Initiative are encouraged to submit abstracts using the provided template for potential presentation at the conference.  

Oral and poster presentations are scheduled on both days of the conference and will be grouped by content similarity. Posters (4’ x 4’ in size) will be requested of all accepted abstracts with some authors also asked to make an oral presentation. By submitting an abstract, it is understood that either the primary or secondary author will be available to attend the conference and if selected, present their abstract.

Consistent with the commitment of the University of Texas System to provide high quality and safe care to the people of Texas, the System will confer awards to selected graduates of the University of Texas Clinical Safety and Effectiveness course that demonstrate extraordinary results in the improvement of safety and quality improvements.  


All graduates of the UT System Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Course and participants in the UT Systems Engineering Initiative who are on the faculty or staff of the University of Texas System are encouraged to submit an abstract to the 2014 Shared Visions Conference.  Abstracts may also be submitted by others as long as the template is followed. Abstracts may be submitted for the project pursued by the graduate during the CS&E course or a subsequent project that demonstrates the successful use of quality tools and methods taught in the course.  Teams whose project was completed over the past several years should re-survey in order to evaluate continued achievement of goals. Submitting an abstract does not preclude you from submitting to regional, national or international conferences or from publication.  Projects submitted to previous conferences may be resubmitted if there is sustained and/or new information. 

In the event a CS & E abstract is selected for a monetary award, that monetary prize will be given to the primary and/or secondary authors only and will be divided among these authors with no one person receiving more than $3,000.  Students are not eligible for monetary awards.     

Procedure and Selection Criteria

Abstracts should be submitted using the attached format, single spaced with one-inch margins and no less than 11 pt. font in Arial typeface.  Judges will use the scoring rubric to identify projects to be presented at the conference, as well as, projects to be considered for the awards. Applicants must identify their project as either System Engineering or CS & E. Applicants may describe their problem and results in narrative or graphic format.  The total abstract should not exceed 1500 words (not including text on graphs or charts).   CS & E applicants should demonstrate an understanding of the concepts taught in the course through the use of quality tools, measures of success and the use and interpretation of data.

 Abstracts may also be submitted for education or research projects. Both of these categories have a unique structured abstract format with a word limit of 500 words.  Abstracts submitted in the "Education" category will describe educational interventions for patient safety and quality improvement at UME, GME, continuing professional development level.  Abstracts submitted in the "Research" category will describe research projects that generate new knowledge about patient safety and health care quality.   A sample format for both these categories is indicated below.  Systems Engineering, Research and Education projects are NOT ELIGIBLE for the quality improvement project awards.

All Abstracts are to be submitted following the online submission process with the actual abstract to be sent as an e-mail attachment to Susan Onion at Both the online submission form and a copy of the abstract sent by e-mail must be completed by the deadline of Friday, August 29 at 5:00 p.m.

Review Procedure

Abstracts will undergo review by members of the University of Texas System CS& E, Systems Engineering and Patient Safety Steering Committees using the scoring rubric. The notification of acceptance of abstracts will include specific directions for posters.  Those abstracts selected for oral presentation in addition to a poster presentation will be given the specific date and time for their 20 minute presentation.  Notification of the status of all submitted abstracts will be given by September 26, 2014.
CS & E Recognition Awards
Recommendations will be made to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs who will confer the awards at the conference recognition dinner.  We expect to recognize first, second and third place awards for the most outstanding patient safety and quality improvement projects. Awards will also be considered for sustained CS&E projects that continue to achieve excellence.  Monetary awards of up to $3,000 will be given to the primary and secondary authors of the winning abstracts.  The award money is to be used by the recipients to participate in national quality improvement conferences.  Those teams or individuals that received award money at previous UT CS & E conferences are not eligible to receive award money for the same projects in 2014. Students are not eligible for monetary awards. Students are defined as a person participating in an undergraduate or graduate medical training program.
Contact for questions
Please send abstract to Susan Onion, Conference Planner

Jan E. Patterson, MD, Chancellor’s Health Fellow in Clinical Safety and Effectiveness
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