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How to Submit an Abstract

How to Submit an Abstract

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Thank you for your interest in the conference. 
The abstract submission deadline has passed. 
Click here to pay registration fee for abstract authors

     Registration fee for identfied primary and secondary abstract authors - $100

Please read the information below before you submit your abstract:

You are encouraged to download a hard copy of the abstract submission process to make sure that you have all the necessary information before the online process is started. To do this, please refer to the link at the top of this page. The online abstract submission process will include all the required CME and CNE information needed for the identified primary and secondary authors.  The process also gives the person submitting the abstract the opportunity to complete registration for the primary and secondary abstract author. Please note that by submitting an abstract, it is understood that either the primary and/or secondary author will be available to attend the conference and if selected, present their abstract.

Once you have confirmed you have all the necessary information, go to the conference website and select

                 "How to Submit an Abstract" and choose "Submit an Abstract"

*Note – the online submission form is not complete until the “thank you page” is reached.  An abstract is considered submitted once the entire online process is completed AND the abstract is sent as an e-mail attachment to Please also make sure to process any payment due for the primary and secondary authors registered for the conference during the abstract submission process.

The deadline for completing the submission process was
Friday, August 29th at 5:00 p.m.

Once the online abstract submission form has been completed, e-mail your abstract as an attachment to Susan Onion at  with the title of the project as the subject line. 

Please do not e-mail your abstract until you have completed the online abstract submission form.

Checklist for Submitting an Abstract
  • Complete "submit an abstract" online information form.
  • Send abstract as an e-mail attachment to
  • Make sure the primary and/or secondary authors are registered for the conference either through the abstract submission process OR through registration on the conference website. 
  • Complete the “registration payment” online process to pay any fees due for primary and secondary abstract authors.
  • Make hotel reservation at Grand Hyatt San Antonio (if needed)

Questions? Contact Susan Onion, Conference Planner, © 2015 The University of Texas System.
601 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas 78701-2982. (512)499-4200