Travel Agencies



Travel Agency Contracts


Anthony Travel, Incorporated

Corporate Travel Planners, Incorporated


Contract Term

February 1, 2013 through January 31, 2018

UT System and Preferred Suppliers may mutually agree to extend the term of the agreement for up to three additional one-year periods.


Contract Information and Required Use

UT System secured contracts with the vendors noted above to provide UT System travelers with reservations services for air, rail, car rental, hotel and other travel services.  Use of one or both agencies, as determined by each UT institution, is required for employee business travel reservations unless a valid exception applies. 



Contact Information and Traveler Profile Forms (links to a secure site outling contact information for vendors noted below)

  • Anthony Travel
  • Corporate Travel Planners


Information Required to Complete Reservation and Ticket Issued

  • Type of reservation requested (refundable, nonrefundable or if a fare comparison is requested) - Make sure all ticket purchase rules, restrictions, and penalties are explained
  • Is traveler a UT System employee, guest, or a consultant
  • Traveler name as it appears on photo ID
  • Gender
  • Date of birth including year
  • Office and cell phone number for the traveler
  • Office phone number and name of the travel arranger
  • Email address for both traveler and travel arranger
  • Applicable traveler frequent flyer or hotel/car program number
  • For UT System Administration travelers, the cost center that travel will be charged to
  • For UT institutions – the applicable travel approval number or process
  • Once an email itinerary confirmation is received be sure to check for accuracy and/or required action. Immediately contact the agency to discuss any discrepancies or approve ticket purchase as applicable.

Southwest Airlines SWABIZ For UT System Administration (links to secure site for SWABIZ information)


Concur Online Travel
Concur is an online travel booking tool, designed to make the business travel reservation process easier and more convenient.  Travel content (air, car, and hotel) is delivered in a user friendly format based on institution travel policy and individual traveler preferences.  Use of the Concur tool is based on institution policy.



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