Systemwide Charter Services

The Charter Services Initiative is a Systemwide collaborative effort designed to enhance the safety and contracting protocols for executive, group, athletic, research and specialized charter needs. With over 2,500 air charter operators nationwide, it is imperative that the U.T. System demonstrate due diligence in selecting service providers that meet both Federal Aviation Administration and System requirements. The Charter Services initiative does so by 1) resolving inconsistencies in charter procedures; 2) developing processes for contracting with a charter broker rather than a charter air carrier and; 3) improving the risk assessment for charter air travel. Aircraft charter services have been approved and contracts have been awarded as follows:


Commercial Operators

Continental Airlines, Incorporated

FlighTime Business Jets, LLC


Charter Broker Services

FlighTime Business Jets, LLC

Private Jet Services Group


Helicopter/Research Services

Salaika Aviation, LLC


U.T. institutions may negotiate contracts with additional charter operators using preapproved contract templates. If an institution chooses to do so, consultation with System’s Office of Risk Management and General Counsel is required. U.T. System utilizes the Aviation Research Group, U.S. (ARG/US) CHEQ database for evaluation and assessment of charter operators and suggests that institutions work with operators that utilize industry safety standards such as ARG/US Gold or similar.


For additional information contact:

Nancy Sutherland

Aircraft Operations and Travel Program Director


Phone: 512-322-3725




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