General Travel Information

Source of Rules

The rules and regulations covering travel reimbursement are from several sources. The U.T. System Administration is governed by the State of Texas Travel Regulations Act, the General Appropriations Act, by Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, and by official interpretations of the Travel Act as made by the State Comptroller of Public Accounts.


Employee's Responsibilities

All employees of the U.T. System Administration are required to be aware of the state laws, rules and procedures that are outlined in these web pages. Failure to be aware could result in nonreimbursement of travel expenses.


Travel Authorization and Regulations

Travel Within Texas - Prior approval from your immediate supervisor for all business travel is required.


Travel Outside of Texas - Each trip requires advance approval by an immediate supervisor along with approval from the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor. Travel outside of Texas is defined as any of the 49 other states of the United States, the District of Columbia, Mexico, Canada, and U.S. Possessions.


Foreign Travel - Each trip requires advance approval by an immediate supervisor along with approval from the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor. Foreign travel means travel to, in, or from a destination that is neither in the United States, not a possession of the United States, Mexico or Canada.


Required Identification for the Use of State Rates

Hotels and car companies can require travelers to present UT identification in order to qualify for state rates. If a traveler cannot provide a UT ID, an airline can deny boarding and a car/hotel vendor can deny the use of state rates. Valid identification is defined as 1) UT System Administration badge or 2) letter of authorization.


UT System Administration employees should carry their badge while traveling. A letter of authorization is required for any individual (employee, guest, consultant) traveling on official university business who does not have a UT System Administration ID badge. Contact Nancy Sutherland, Travel Program Director, for details.


Travel Approval Form

Completion of the U.T. System Administration Travel Approval Form (Word) is required for out-of-state and foreign travel. It is optional, at department election, for in-state travel. The Travel Approval Form must be attached to travel documents submitted for expense reimbursements related to out-of-state and foreign travel. Additionally, a copy must be maintained in department files to satisfy audit requirements.


Trips to Washington D.C.

Travel to Washington, DC includes flights arriving at or departing from the Washington Reagan Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) or the Baltimore Airport (BWI).

Employees must notify the UT System Administration Office of Federal Relations in advance of all travel to Washington, D.C.

Notification should be sent via email to Margaret Hanson at or via fax 202.955.9039. Include the following information:

  • Name of traveler
  • Contact information (email/phone number)
  • Dates of travel
  • Reason for travel

The Office of State-Federal Regulations should be notified only when travelers intend to confer on legislative or appropriations issues with the U.S. Congress, the Federal Government staff or officials.


Notices can be submitted electronically at the Office of State-Federal Relations web site.



Individuals submitting travel reimbursement documents must attach a copy of the required advance written approval (either memo or email form is fine).


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