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ACTION REQUIRED - FY 2014 Parking Renewal Notice

Accounting & Purchasing Services would like to announce that it is time for all System Administration employees to renew their annual parking agreements for fiscal year 2014. Employees need to complete and submit an application in the system by Wednesday, July 31, 2013. When you log into the Automated Parking System, you will go to a personalized U.T. System Parking Application. If applicable, add vehicles and/or edit existing vehicle information. Then, complete the additional sections of the form for FY2014 before hitting the “submit” button. Due to the Peoplesoft transition, “Full Payments” will no longer be accepted as of Sept 1, 2013. All staff must have their parking auto-deducted monthly on a pre or post-tax basis. If you have any questions on filling out or editing the electronic form please contact Jennifer Hosey, x4219. If you are not able to access the system please contact the Help Desk, X4357.

Please remember you can update your vehicle information on the Automated Parking System anytime of the year. Stickers will be hand delivered to department heads the middle of August. Replacement stickers are $5.

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