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Lavaca Street Bus Lane Misuse and Fines

 The University of Texas System Administration
Office of Facilities Management

Fines Increase Significantly for Lavaca Street Bus Lane Misuse

As the new Bus Rapid Transit—or MetroRapid—system nears the debut of its first route, the city of Austin also is preparing for the new mode of transportation by raising the penalty for those obstructing Transportation Priority Lanes.

Austin City Council approved the item on its consent agenda Jan. 23 but did not discuss the topic during that meeting.

According to the ordinance, stopping, standing or parking a motor vehicle in the priority lane is prohibited, and those in violation may be fined $500. Before the ordinance, the transportation department could only impose a $25 citation for those parking, standing or stopping in special use lanes.

The transit priority lanes are both on Lavaca Street and Guadalupe Street between Second Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. These lanes are meant to assist the new buses for safety and maneuverability, Spillar said.

“The lanes are for buses only except we allow right-turners to enter that lane in the block where there’s the opportunity to turn right,” Spillar said. “A driver wanting to turn right can enter the bus lane as they approach the intersection where they are going to turn and turn right just as they do today.”

Spillar added the department also expects bikes to merge with the priority transit lane in some cases and that parking enforcement officers will help enforce the rule.


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