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Inclement Weather

In the absence of an announcement, please report to work at the usual time. In the event decisions are made resulting in closure or late start times due to inclement weather, announcements will be sent by 6:30 AM through the following channels:


If you are set up to receive messages through the emergency system, then you will receive a text or email through that system,

  Call the bulletin board (512-499-4445) for notification,

Check your email,

and If decision is made early enough, something may be posted on UT4U.


Please be sure to check one of the first three options and not rely solely on UT4U. 

How can you help?  When you learn that the offices are going to be closed or experience a late start, make a call to others within your office to share the information.  Initiating a phone tree is another method to ensure that all employees within your department receive timely notification.


Official notification impacting System Administration offices will be sent only through these channels.  Announcements impacting UT Austin do not necessarily apply to UT System Administration.  Please check the above sources for announcements related to System Administration.

Updated 1/27/2014

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