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Minutes of December 6, 2002 Executive Meeting

Called to order: 2:45 PM

Attending Members

Robert Nelsen Jim Bartlett
Terese Verklan Lisa-Ann Wuermser
Steve Johnson Tom Chrzanowski
Dennis Reinhartz Bruce Palka Betty Travis James McDonald

Approval of Executive Committee Minutes

The motion was made and seconded to approve the November 8 Executive Committee minutes. The motion passed.

Discussion of FAC Meeting

HOP Submissions

The following components submitted HOPs:
Tyler El Paso
Dallas Medical Branch
PanAm San Antonio Health Science
Austin’s and San Antonio’s HOP is available on the web.
The status of the “notification of changes to HOP resolution” was considered. Robert will follow up on this previous resolution.

Campus Reports

The length of the campus reports was discussed. The general consensus was the longer reports were more informative and enjoyable; however, the presenters should focus on real and meaningful topics.

Waste Time Items

The group decided to not ask for the “waste of time” items in the next To Do List.

Review of December To Do List

Health Affairs
Tech transfer and incentive pay were discussed. The presidential tax rate was ignored in the campus reports. Lisa-Ann will ask other members for information on campus tax.

The committee addressed everything on To Do List. The specific question of department chairs serving as senators will be left to each campus. However, departmental representatives should be elected and independent of the possible conflicts of interest between senate responsibilities and administrative duties.
The general opinion was that Dr. Laycock did an “excellent job” in presenting the Freedom of Assembly Report. The group concluded that copies of the report should be distributed to campuses in some means other than web-based.
The report on senior lectures (Langlois Report) has not been cleared for distribution. It was suggested that a joint Health/Quality meeting be held concerning this report.

Tentative Invitations

1) Regent Craven has plans to attend in the spring.
2) Chancellor Yudof should be offered a standing invitation to attend and speak to the FAC.
3) Invite Tony Moten-Brown.
4) Richard Green, director of the UT Arlington tech incubator, or Dennis Stone, from UTSA, would be potential speakers on tech transfer.
5) Invite the new vice-chancellor for health affairs Dr. Michael McKinney to speak to the Health Affairs Committee.
6) Invite E. Ashley Smith, the new executive vice-chancellor for Health Affairs to speak to the FAC.


Governance—Upward evaluation of administrators?
Faculty Quality—Incentive structure? Merit raises?
Academic Affairs—Assess hiring of non-tenure track faculty?
--Results of math and writing evaluations?

Items to Consider

Program abandonment—yes
Coordinating Board—no
Sexual harassment—no
Compliance training—no
Business models as academic units—no
Disciplinary actions against faculty—no
On-line supplies purchases—no
Remedial education—no
Facilities plant—yes
Lab space usage—no
Communication and evaluation of administrators—yes
Campus women and minorities committees--yes
Votes of confidence in administrators--yes

Meeting adjourned at 3:30PM

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