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For reimbursement of travel expenses

Please read these instructions carefully:

Travel expenses associated with FAC meetings are reimbursed through the campuses. Each campus has an account that is used for FAC meetings only. After the meetings have been completed for the fiscal year, the campuses will be asked to fill out an expense report which will be sent to the UT System Office of Academic Affairs. Members must sign the sign-in sheet on each day of the meetings to be reimbursed for that day and to be reimbursed for hotel charges. Enter mileage or airfare, not both. Travel for Executive Committee meetings are reimbursed out of other campus accounts not through the FAC account.

Submit expense reports to Suzanne Revisore at srevisore@utsystem.edu or at:

The University of Texas System
Office of Academic Affairs
601 Colorado Street, Third Floor
Austin, Texas 78701

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