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The Office of Employee Benefits is committed to helping UT System's employees and retirees stay knowledgeable about your UT Benefits. Educate Me offers concise information to help you understand the many aspects of health insurance benefits, retirement and living well programs. Use this section to learn about your coverage options and how the plans work, how to use your benefits to your best advantage during the various stages of your life, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Learn About My Health & Life Insurance Plans


Find a doctor or pharmacy

You can easily find medical, dental or vision providers using each plan's online directories.

Find a publication or form

Visit our extensive online Forms and Publications library to find most plan documents. Some documents are only be available from your local HR office or the Plan Administrators.

Get new insurance ID cards

If you need replacement or additional cards for family members, you may either check the plan's website for options or contact the customer service team. Please remember that you should not discard any of your UT Benefits Insurance ID Cards or your UT FLEX Debit Card until you have either received a replacement card or discontinued your participation in the plan.

File a Medical Appeal

To learn how to file a UT SELECT Medical appeal, start with this informative video.

Save money on my health care costs

BlueExtras Discount Program - A discount program that provides UT SELECT members and covered dependents access to discounted health care products and services not usually covered by your health care benefit plan:

  • Gym Membership Discounts and Weight Management Discount Program
  • Complementary Alternative Medicine Discount Program
  • TruHearing - digital hearing aid discounts
  • Davis Vision Network - save on eyeglasses (frames and lenses), as well as contact lenses, laser vision correction services, examinations and accessories
  • Treatment Cost Advisor - find the typical cost of a health care procedure from a list of common medical conditions.

UT FLEX - Flexible Spending Account plans let you set aside money from your pay before taxes are withheld. You can use money from these accounts to pay for certain out-of-pocket medical and work-related dependent day care expenses.

My Rx Choices® - You could save more than $350/year on prescription drugs you take on an ongoing basis. To start saving, visit

Contact my Benefits/HR Office or the Plan Administrators

The Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) designs and administers the dynamic UT Benefits programs exclusively for employees and retirees of the University of Texas System's nine academic universities, six health institutions and the System Administration central management offices.

You should contact your local Benefits/HR Office or the Plan Administrators directly for most insurance-related services.

Enroll, Update or View my UT Benefits coverage

You may view your benefits coverage at any time by logging on to My UT Benefits.

During the initial period of eligibility or following a change of status
To enroll or make changes to benefits during your initial period of eligibility or following a change of status, you will need to enroll through your institution HR/Benefits Office.

During Annual Enrollment
To change your elections during Annual Enrollment, log on to My UT Benefits at

Stay informed about my UT Benefits

The Office of Employee Benefits publishes a monthly newsletter about your UT Benefits. 'A Matter of Health: Connecting Work and Life' is emailed to all members with a valid email address on file on the first Wednesday of each month. If you do not receive these emails, please contact your institution HR/Benefits Office to add or update your email address. The newsletter is also available at our website:

Submit ideas and suggestions regarding group insurance benefits

The University of Texas System-Wide Insurance Advisory Committee (SWIAC) works with the UT Board of Regents in administrating the group insurance program for employees, retirees, and their dependents at all of the U.T. System institutions. SWIAC provides a channel for open communication of ideas and suggestions regarding group insurance benefits.

Employees may contact their campus representatives about topics they would like addressed.


Learn About My Retirement Savings Opportunities


How much is Enough?

Find out with My Retirement Outlook, a comprehensive tool that allows you to predict just what you can expect to receive during your retirement and what it will take to get to where you want to be.

What Expenses could you cut back on?

Saving for Retirement doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your enjoyment of today. Small economies can help you find money to put toward your future. Find out what expenses you could cut back on today and how much that could help you save over 10, 20, and 30 years. Let's get started »


Download the NEW Streamlined Fund Line-Up »

Tax Savings Calculator
Review your personalized pre-tax out-of-pocket expenses and tax savings. Access this calculator by logging in to My UT Benefits.

Need help choosing an investment mix?
Each provider has representatives available to meet with you to help put together your retirement portfolio. In addition, many provider websites offer online planning tools to help you manage and track your portfolio on your own. View a list of representatives for your institution.


Play Movie Is TRS Enough?(13 min) Listen to Podcast

This video provides an excellent overview of benefits available to you as a TRS participant, and then explores how the UT Retirement Programs can help fill the gap between what TRS can provide, and what you will actually need to replace your income when you retire.

Play Movie Gen Y (19 min)

You're young and healthy, and retirement is furthest from your mind. But right now, this instant, is the best possible time for you to start saving so that when you do think about retirement, you'll have the tools and savings you need to make it a good one.

Play Movie Why Women Should Save For Retirement (8.5 min)

Women have different savings needs and priorities, and those needs make participation in a UTSaver retirement savings plan that much more important. Find out why in this presentation.

Play Movie Rethink, Rebuild, Retire (7 min) Listen to Podcast

This video explores the new reality of investing in a post-recession world. The discussion includes methods to recover from losses you might have incurred during the market down-turn, rebuilding your investment portfolio through allocation or rebalancing, and rethinking your retirement plans are all important factors when looking to the future.

Play Movie Understanding the Cost of a Loan (5 min)

Taking a loan from your UTSaver account may seem like a good idea, but before you sign that form you should understand the potential impacts of taking a loan a UTSaver 457(b) or 403(b) plans.


Learn more at the Retirement Programs Educate Me Page >

Learn About My Health and Wellness Programs

The University of Texas System offers UT SELECT members a great resource - Living Well Health & Wellness Program. From providing critical information about preventing or managing serious disease to developing a personalized health improvement plan, you will find a variety of powerful and easy-to-use tools for you and your eligible dependents.

Visit our Living Well: Make it a Priority website at


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