Report recommendations have potential to generate $490 million for UT Austin

According to a report submitted by a 13-member committee, chaired by Steve Rohleder, chief executive of Accenture Health and Public Service, and appointed by UT Austin President Bill Powers, The University of Texas at Austin could generate as much as $490 million in savings and new revenue over a decade while enhancing its excellence in teaching and research.

The report contains three broad types of recommendations:

  • Consolidating business and administrative functions now spread across individual colleges and offices. This could save the university up to $200 million over 10 years and, Powers said, could be achieved largely through natural job attrition. These changes would not affect the university’s decentralized academic structure, under which teaching and research are coordinated by faculty members, departments and colleges.
  • Streamlining the process for licensing UT-generated technology. The university should license as many projects as possible and let the private sector pick the “winners.”
  • Better leveraging university assets, such as selling excess power, or changing the business model for food, housing and parking services. As with all the recommendations, the potential impact on students, staff and faculty will be carefully reviewed before any such changes are implemented.

Commenting on the recommendations, Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa said, “I am happy that President Powers and the leadership at UT Austin are looking at ways to be as cost effective and efficient as possible. Productivity and efficiency are a central part of my Framework for Advancing Excellence and are issues we have been focusing on with laser focus at The University of Texas System. We appreciate the time and efforts of committee chairman Steve Rohleder and the 12 business leaders who served UT Austin to study university operations and make these recommendations. Their input is invaluable and most appreciated.”

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