UT Dallas to debut master's program that will be first of its kind in Texas

The University of Texas at Dallas will begin accepting students to a master’s degree program in actuarial science in September. The program is the first of its kind to be offered in Texas.

According to a UT Dallas article, college graduates who major in actuarial science can expect to be in demand in today's workforce. Starting salaries range from $44,000 to $60,000 and the average pay is $87,650.

“This new program was needed to meet the demands of our students as well as the needs of the job market,” said Natalia Humphreys, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of mathematical sciences and associate head of UT Dallas’ actuarial program.

Actuaries use skills in statistics, probability, mathematics, finance, management, economics and government policy to define, analyze and solve business problems involving the cost of possible future events. The insurance industry is the largest employer of actuaries, but they also work in financial institutions, consulting firms, government agencies, universities, accounting firms and labor unions. Emerging markets for actuaries include banking, retirement systems, mortgage companies, and health care and public health industries.

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