UT MD Anderson President Ronald DePinho receives prestigious award for cancer research

Ronald DePinho, M.D., president of UT MD Anderson Cancer Center was recently selected for the prestigious Agilent Thought Leader Award, which recognizes researchers whose discoveries represent fundamental advances in the life sciences. DePinho is one of only three awardees in 2012 and was selected for his research into pancreatic cancer metabolomics.

A press release from Agilent Technologies states that the award will support DePinho's research into metabolic reprogramming in the earliest stages of cancer. "We are proud to support Dr. DePinho's exciting translational research program, which will make use of metabolomics and integrated biology workflows and solutions in biomarker discover," said Patrick Kaltenbach, sponsor of the award and Agilent vice president and general manager of the Liquid Phase Division.

In addition to receiving the Agilent Thought Leader Award, DePinho is one of several cancer researchers featured in the April 1 cover story of TIME magazine, which discusses new methods for fighting cancer with "dream teams" assembled from renowned cancer doctors and researchers.