UTSA receives $750K grant to develop solar technology, train minorities for energy jobs

The Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute at The University of Texas at San Antonio has been selected to receive a three-year, $750,000 competitive award through the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to develop solar energy technology and to recruit and train underrepresented minorities for jobs in the solar energy industry.

Solar panels on the Durango Building, UTSA Downtown Campus (Image courtesy: UTSA)

UTSA was one of two U.S. universities to receive the SunShot DISTANCE (Diversity in Science and Technology Advances National Clean Energy in Solar) award, which pairs science and technology research advances with the development of a diverse and innovative workforce.

UTSA and St. Philip's College will partner to achieve the three overarching goals of their unique DISTINCT program, which supports President Obama's broad-based plan to cut carbon pollution and support clean-energy innovation across the nation. Program goals include:

  • Increasing the diversity of students pursuing solar careers
  • Providing research opportunities to faculty and students in solar energy
  • Enhancing and expanding the solar curriculum of both organizations

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