INT137 Time Off for Voting

Sec. 1 Policy Statement.

The University of Texas System Administration will comply with the time off for voting provisions established by the State of Texas. When it is not possible for an employee to vote before or after normal working hours, including weekends, in a national, state, or local election, supervisors are authorized to grant a reasonable period of time off for voting.

Sec. 2 Purpose.

To provide administration of time off to vote.

Sec. 3 Eligibility.

All employees are eligible for time off to vote.

Sec. 4 Registration and Early Voting.

Employees should be currently registered voters in order to use this leave. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of early voting periods, which have extended voting hours.

Sec. 5 Requests for Time Off.

Time off should be requested in advance and approved by the supervisor when it is not possible for an employee to vote outside of regular work hours.

Sec. 6 Recording Time Off.

Employees should record the time off from work on their electronic timesheet as Voting.

Sec. 7 Personal Leave.

Time taken off by an employee to vote that is in compliance with this policy will not be counted against the employee's personal leave.