UTS 116 Systemwide Benefits Advisory Committee Election Procedures

Sec. 1 Systemwide Benefits Advisory Committee.

All University of Texas System institutions and U. T. System Administration elect representatives for two-year terms to the Systemwide Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) that is established by Texas Insurance Code 1601 Subchapter G. Elections are held pursuant to the terms of this policy.

Sec. 2 Qualification Requirements.

Texas Insurance Code 1601 Subchapter G mandates the creation of a BAC and sets forth the general requirements for qualifications and election of BAC representatives. A policy is required to ensure that the requirements are consistently met at each institution and other units that comprise the U. T. System.

Sec. 3 Number of Members.

One employee of each institution and U. T. System Administration shall be elected to serve two-year terms on the BAC.

Sec. 4 Term of Service.

The election shall be held at a convenient time after January 1 of even-numbered years. The elected representative shall commence service as a BAC member on the following September 1. The SWIAC members shall serve for a term of two years and may be elected to successive two-year terms.

Sec. 5 Nominations.

The president of each institution and the Chancellor shall nominate at least two employees to stand for election to BAC.

Sec. 6 Requirements for Nomination.

Employees nominated must be benefits eligible; demonstrate mature judgment, special abilities in the benefits area, and sincere interests in employee insurance programs; and be able to represent the needs of all employees of the institution he/she represents with respect to BAC actions.

Sec. 7 Voters.

All benefits eligible employees of the institution shall be given the opportunity to vote for the Benefits Advisory Committee member.

Sec. 8 Notification of Election Results.

The Director of the Office of Employee Benefits shall be notified of the election results prior to September 1.


Benefits Eligible Employee - a U. T. System employee who meets the statutory requirements to participate in the U. T. System’s uniform group insurance program.

Systemwide Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) - advisory committee that cooperates and works with the U. T. System’s Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) as advisors to coordinate and correlate the administration of the U. T. System’s uniform group insurance program among the various institutions and U. T. System Administration and provide a channel of communication to OEB concerning all aspects of the uniform group insurance program benefits.