Rule 40403: Fees for Continuing Education Courses

Sec. 1 Authorization. 

Institutions are authorized by the Board of Regents in accordance with Section 54.545 of the Texas Education Code to charge a reasonable fee to each person registered in an extension, correspondence or other self-supporting course at the institution and to set the fee in an amount sufficient to recover the costs for providing the course. Such courses may not include any course for which the institution collects tuition or receives formula funding.

Sec. 2 Delegation.

The Board of Regents delegates to the president of the respective institutions the authority and responsibility for approving the amount of the fee to be charged for each course.

Sec. 3 Handbook of Operating Procedures

Each institution shall adopt provisions in the institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures to reflect this policy and to incorporate institutional procedures for the approval process.



Amended Log

Editorial amendments made to Number 5 on September 17, 2008
December 10, 2004