Rule 50303: Debts of Students

Sec. 1 Student Responsibilities. 

The University of Texas System is not responsible for debts contracted by individual students or by student organizations. However, students and student organizations are expected to conduct themselves honorably in all commercial transactions. The U. T. System will not assume the role of a collection agency except for monies owed to the System, nor will the System adjudicate disputes between students and creditors over the existence or the amounts of debts.

Sec. 2 Penalties for Nonpayment. 

 In the event of nonpayment to the U. T. System, one or more of the following actions may be taken:  (a) a bar against readmission for the student; (b) withholding of the student's grades and official transcript; (c) withholding of a degree to which the student otherwise would be entitled.



Amended Log

December 10, 2004