Remarks & Testimony

- Dallas, Texas
Thank you, Chairman Eltife. I can’t tell all of you how much of a benefit it is to have a Chairman who is as well respected in the Capitol as Kevin. I’ve already seen on many occasions what a difference it makes. We are going to be very good partners this session and beyond...(more about Chancellor's Council Winter Meeting)
- Austin, Texas
Good morning. I want to thank Bob, for the introduction and for inviting me to share a few thoughts on the state of higher education today, and at the same time some notions about role of fraternities and sororities in 2019. For those of you not from the Lone Star State, welcome to Texas...(more about Edgewater Interfraternity Conference)
- The University of Texas at Dallas

Today is my first meeting with the Board of Regents. In my eight weeks on the job, I’ve learned a fair amount about the University of Texas System. I’ve been on every campus and I’ve been impressed by our institutional leadership, our faculty, and especially our students. This system of diverse, extraordinary institutions is well positioned for the beginning of the 21st Century. There’s much work to do, as we all know, but I feel very good about our prospects.

..(more about Statement Regarding the Task Force Report)
- The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
I’m pleased to be with you on this special day, as we observe the important, historic tradition of installing a new university president.  My wife’s family is from West Texas, and I’ve visited many times.   But this is my first visit to the Permian Basin and the University of Texas institution here.  Of course, like most Americans, I have become increasingly familiar with this part of the world. ..(more about Investiture of UTPB President Sandra Woodley)
- Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Today is my three-week anniversary as Chancellor.   Actually, my first day on the job was the USC football game, and we’ve had a pretty good run since then.   In that same three weeks, we announced our latest Nobel Prize and a new MacArthur “Genius” award.   Please don’t hold me to this standard for the next three weeks!..(more about Russell Reynold's Annual Leadership Dinner)