OFPC Mission

Mission Statement

To provide the highest-value facilities needed by the uniquely superior institutions of the University of Texas System.

Vision Statement

To be the benchmark of excellence for facilities planning and construction for public universities and academic health institutions.

Core Processes

As a part of our Total Quality Leadership program, we have defined five core processes that describe what we do to serve our customers:

Facility Planning

Capital Improvement Program
  • Develop guidelines for preparation of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) submittals
  • Work with our component institution customers in the development of their CIP submittals
  • Analyze, organize, and develop the overall U. T. System Capital Improvement Program
  • Maintain historical databases on U. T. System capital project costs and schedules for reference in new-project development
  • Develop programming standards and guidelines
  • Work with our component institution customers in the preparation of their project programs


  • Provide technical expertise in architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and interior design to the component institutions
  • Provide consultation to the component institutions in the development of their Campus Master Plans or other facilities studies

Project Leadership

Design and Construction
  • Manage the delivery process for major projects through the key phases of design, procurement, construction, and commissioning
  • Provide interior-design consultation and procurement of furniture, furnishings, and accessories
  • Develop and maintain technical design standards, and provide review and approval of projects
  • Provide and administer all contracts related to major projects Coordinate dispute-resolution process Conduct code reviews and provide code interpretations

Resource Management

Human Resources
  • Employ and effectively utilize professional expertise sufficient to provide excellence in facilities planning, design, construction, and commissions
  • Out-source the myriad of services necessary to deliver facilities to firms that provide the highest quality demanded by the U. T. System consistent with procurement requirements
Physical Resources
  • Exercise technical supervision over commercially operated thermal plants, and assist in negotiation of associated utility contracts
  • Provide leadership for the Central Heating and Cooling Services Cooperative Association (TECO, or Thermal Energy Cooperative)
  • Monitor the readiness for use, physical condition, and life-cycle management of the facilities of U. T. System components
Financial Resources
  • Maintain control over the project budgets assigned
  • Generate income sufficient to finance the operation of OFPC
  • Manage the annual budget of OFPC to operate within assigned resources

Learning and Application

  • Maintain a high level of expertise through staff training and development
  • Facilitate staff involvement in technical associations or groups
  • Stay abreast of the current state-of-the-art capital project delivery
  • Seek to find the centers of excellence in academic, research, health, and university facilities