Facilities Design & Construction Services

Miscellaneous Service Agreements

The following services are provided on OFPC projects through outsourced Miscellaneous Service Agreements which are awarded on a rotational basis.

  • Code Check – Provide code compliance reviews focusing on International Building Code, NFPA 101 and NFPA 45.
  • Commissioning – Provide commissioning process support during design, construction and occupancy phases of project delivery. Assist with technical review of documents, work in place and specified acceptance testing.
  • Construction Auditing – Provide pre close-out audits when needed including cost estimate, change order and pricing analysis; assist in providing close–out audits.
  • Electrical Engineering and Forensics – Provide electrical system studies, design, bid and award, construction, and warranty phase services, including electrical forensics.
  • Forensics – Provide personnel to assess the nature or cause of material failures for Civil/Structural and waterproofing failures.
  • Geotechnical and Construction Material Testing – Provide geotechnical sampling and testing, foundation design criteria, environmental site assessments and testing of construction materials.
  • Inspection – Provide on-site construction inspections in support of staff, including review of contract documents and observation / documentation of work in place.
  • Plan Check – Provide interdisciplinary coordination review (plan check process).
  • Surveying – Provide professional surveying and technical support relating to environmental and regulatory programs.
  • Testing and Air Balancing/Commissioning – Provide design review and testing/air balancing for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and water systems.