General Procedure Contract Checklist

The Office of General Counsel Contract Review Procedures are a way for us to provide you with general information about your contract. These procedures cannot provide specific legal advice for any particular situation, so you must not rely on this information as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from the Office of General Counsel (OGC) if you need it.

If the procedures do not require that your contract be reviewed by OGC, your use of this General Procedure Contract Checklist means that you have complied with one of our requirements for review of your contract, but it does not mean that we have actually "approved" your contract in the same way we would approve a contract we had actually seen. In such a case, use of the General Procedure Contract Checklist is a substitute for attorney review and approval. If you believe this substitute is not adequate for your needs, please feel free to consult with OGC directly.

With the exception of contracts on pre-approved "standard contract" forms, OGC requires that each institution use this General Procedure Contract Checklist as part of the process of review and approval of "general procedure contracts," regardless of their value. It is easy to determine if the contract you are reviewing is a "general procedure contract." Look at the Special Procedures Contract list. If the type of contract you are reviewing is NOT listed there, your contract is a "general procedure contract."

Please check the boxes below if the answer to the question is YES. Once you have provided answers to every question below, click the Submit button at the bottom of this webpage. You will be presented with the recommendations generated by your answers to the questions in this Checklist ("Checklist Recommendations.")

Carefully read the Checklist Recommendations and revise your contract to integrate the Checklist Recommendations into your contract. Print a copy of the Checklist Recommendations and keep the copy in your file. Once you have completed revising your contract, negotiate the contract (including the revisions you made using the Checklist Recommendations) with the other parties to the contract.

If the value of your contract is over your institution’s OGC review dollar threshold set out in Step 4 of UTS145 Processing of Contracts (UTS145), then after you finish reviewing, revising, and negotiating your contract using the Checklist Recommendations, send the following to OGC for additional review and approval: (1) the Checklist Recommendations and (2) the revised and negotiated contract.

Purchasing Procedures

If this agreement is a System Administration agreement or a Systemwide agreement, please also complete the UT System Office of Business Affairs Contract Processing Checklist. Submit that document and other required information to the UT System Office of Business Affairs when requesting that the Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs sign your agreement.

Form of Agreement


Effective Date, Term and Termination

Consideration/Payment Terms

Representations, Warranties, Duties and Obligations



In connection with Questions 24, 25, and 26, the term "projects" is defined by Section 2166.001, Texas Government Code, as building construction projects financed wholly or partly by a specific appropriation, a bond issue, or federal money, to include the construction of: (i) a building, structure or appurtenant facility or utility, including the acquisition and installation of original equipment and original furnishings; and (ii) an addition to, or alteration, rehabilitation, or repair of, an existing building, structure, or appurtenant facility or utility.

Software and Database License Agreements

Compliance with Privacy Laws

Recommended Addendum to General Procedure Contracts