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As Texas continues to grow, UT institutions continue to invest in the future. UT institutions are forging educational pathways for populations whose insights and contributions remain essential to our local, state and national successes. With a commitment to advancing Hispanic populations, UT institutions are recruiting, enrolling and graduating a growing number of Hispanic students; increasing opportunities for Hispanic scholars; building partnerships across sectors that advance college and career outcomes, and promoting Hispanic culture, heritage, arts and ideas. Below are some notable facts that demonstrate a track record of this commitment and impact across the UT System.


Graduates from UT Rio Grande Valley in a group pose after the graduation ceremony

Milestone Data

 Hispanic Enrollment 2022

UT Institutions

  • 44% all levels
  • 51% Bachelor’s
  • 25% graduate

HSI UT Institutions

  • 52% all levels
  • 57% Bachelor’s
  • 33% graduate


  • 16% all levels
  • 18% Bachelor’s
  • 11% graduate

Hispanic Degrees 2022

UT Institutions

  • 38% all levels
  • 44% Bachelor’s
  • 13% Doctoral (PhD)

HSI UT Institutions

  • 44% all levels
  • 49% Bachelor’s
  • 15% Doctoral (PhD)


  • 15% all levels
  • 17% Bachelor’s
  • 6% Doctoral (PhD)

Hispanic Faculty 2021

UT Institutions

  • 15% instruction
  • 15% research
  • 15% combined

HSI UT Institutions

  • 19% instruction
  • 17% research
  • 19% combined


  • 5% instruction
  • 5% research
  • 5% combined

* As of 2021


Seal of Exccelencia - Intentionally Serving Latinos

Seal of Excelencia Certified Institutions

The UT System currently has five institutions, more than any university system in the country, that have earned the prestigious “Seal of Excelencia” from the nonprofit Excelencia in Education for work to advance higher education opportunities for Hispanic communities. In 2022, the University of Texas at Arlington joined UT Austin, UT El Paso, UT Rio Grande Valley and UT San Antonio among UT institutions recognized for service to Hispanic students as demonstrated through data, evidence-based practices and leadership. Tune in Sept. 29 for Excelencia in Education’s announcement of the 2023 certified and recertified institutions:

The logo for Alliance for Hispanic Serving Research Universities

The Alliance of Hispanic Service Research Universities (HSRU), is a voluntary association of universities that are both Hispanic-Serving Institutions as defined by Title V of the Higher Education Act and in the top 5% of universities in the United States for research as determined by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Under the leadership of UT El Paso President and HSRU Alliance Chair Heather Wilson, the alliance is working to double the number of Hispanic doctoral students enrolled at member institutions and increase by 20% the Hispanic professoriate in participating universities by 2030. UT institutions contributing to this effort include UT Arlington, UT Austin, UT El Paso and UT San Antonio.