Dr. Bennie Lambert



Dr. Bennie Lambert

Vice President of Student Services

Lone Star College


Bennie Lambert, endearingly dubbed "Dr. Yes" by those who know him best, speaks of facing adversity, overcoming obstacles, leading by example, and attaining success. With his positive attitude and tenacious work ethnic, Dr. Lambert has emerged as not only a local celebrity and guru on leadership and growth, but is also recognized nationally. His most recent book, How to Grow from No, inspires readers from all backgrounds and helps them to continue pursuing their personal and professional goals.

Dr. Lambert has changed the direction of many companies, educational institutions, and other settings with his advice, inspiration, and his practical and positive action plan.

Graduating at the bottom of his high school class did not keep Bennie Lambert from earning his bachelor's and master's degrees in Business and Educational Psychology from Baylor University, as well as his doctorate of philosophy from Texas A&M University. For the past several years, he has traveled the country extensively, encouraging people, companies, organizations, and teams to reach their potential.

Dr. Lambert is the Vice President for Student Success at Lone Star College, a 21,000-student community college in Houston, Texas. He has also served as Dean of Enrollment Management, Director of Admissions, and Registrar. Before that he worked for Baylor University, holding the positions of Academic Advisor to Athletes, Assistant Director of School Relations, and Administrative Intern to the Baylor President.