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Student Health Center Advisory Committee

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The Student Health Center Advisory Committee advises UT System officials about issues relevant to the operation and practice of student health centers across all fourteen institutions. In particular, the committee examines ways that the UT System cooperative purchasing, acquisition and contracting might benefit the individual health centers and should make recommendations about which cooperative arrangements to pursue. The committee also examines the operating models currently in place across the UT System to develop recommendations about level of service, fees and co-pays, and the viability of filing insurance claims. Finally, the committee would help develop the date and agenda for the annual system-wide meeting of student health center directors.


Membership is comprised of the following:
  • Three representatives from student health centers in academic institutions
  • One representative from a student health center in a health institution
  • One representative from Health Affairs
  • One representative from Academic Affairs, who serves as chairperson


Current Membership:

Academic Institution Representatives
Beth Wichman, UT San Antonio
Lea Aubrey, UT Dallas
David Porras, UT El Paso

Health Institution Representatives
Charlie Figari, UT Health Science Center at Houston

Health Affairs
Leslie Carruth, UT System

Academic Affairs
Wanda Mercer (Chair), UT System