Chancellor's Vision and Quantum Leaps for the UT System 2015-2020

Chancellor's Vision and Quantum Leaps

On November 5, 2015, Chancellor McRaven laid out a bold and sweeping path forward for The University of Texas System. One theme that ran through every aspect of his presentation was the need to use the System’s size, talent and diversity to collaborate in ways never done before. He harkened back to his experiences over the past 14 years in combat and how the Special Operations community built a “ Team of Teams ” to tackle complex problems.

He began his presentation with a draft Mission Statement, one that captures the essence of what a great university system should provide the people it serves. From there he discussed the Operating Concept—this defines how the system will function to achieve its goals. Next, the Decision Process, which details the disciplined approach the System will take to its daily, weekly, monthly collaboration.

Then Chancellor McRaven laid out the Strategic Assessment, his view of the terrain – both as it exists today and as it will exist five, ten, twenty years from now. Finally, he outlined some bold initiatives, some “Quantum Leaps” in the System’s ability to provide the citizens of Texas the very best in higher education, research and health care. These Quantum Leaps will, McRaven said, will make the UT System the envy of every system in the Nation.