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Doctor with patientThe UT CONNECT Medical plan (available only in the Dallas/Fort Worth area) has been enhanced to match the UT SELECT Medical plan by reducing the out-of-pocket coinsurance maximum to $2,150 per individual / $6,450 per family.

Prior UT CONNECT claims involving coinsurance will be reviewed to ensure member out-of-pocket coinsurance does not exceed the new $2,150 / $6,450 maximum for the current plan year (beginning September 1, 2018). Participants who have paid more than $2,150 / $6,450 in coinsurance this plan year will receive refunds for the overpaid amount.

More information is available at the UT CONNECT ACO Medical Plan page.

Questions should be directed to Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service

UT CONNECT Customer Service: 1-888-372-3398