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National Retirement Security Week

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national retirement security weekThis is it. National Retirement Security Week is your opportunity to help change your future for the better. Whether you picture yourself relaxing in a sunnier climate or hiking up a picturesque mountain during retirement, take steps today to help create the future you imagine. 

Ready to go? Let’s get started:

  • Calculate how much you need to save – It’s hard to get to the finish line if you don’t know where it is. To see the amount, you may need and check your savings progress, simply log in to your retirement account and use the retirement planning tools offered through your online account. Figure out how much you may need to save for the future you want.
  • Save more (the simple way) – Sock away money in your employer-sponsored retirement plan. National Retirement Security Week is the perfect time to enroll in the plan or bump up your contribution rate by 1% or 2%—or more.
  • Get creative – As with anything in life, it often pays to be creative. By saving in unique (and doable) ways, you may find the money to increase your retirement plan contributions. Trade your pricey cable package for an online streaming subscription. Save your cash-back credit card rewards instead of spending them. Bag your lunch for a few days instead of eating out.

See how saving $20 more per week can make a difference!

comparison of saving options

Assumes a 6% rate of return compounded weekly in a tax-deferred account. This is a hypothetical example. It is not indicative of any product or performance and does not reflect any expense associated with investing. Taxes will be due upon distribution of the tax-deferred amount and, if shown, results would be lower. It is possible to lose money by investing in securities.

Ready to save more? It’s “go” time! 
Increase your contributions today! Contact your retirement plan representative today. 

Learn more about the University of Texas System Retirement Program by visiting the Retirement Program page.