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Health Advocacy Solutions (HAS) for UT SELECT

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Are you sometimes confused by health care? Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a personal health care assistant? Starting September 1, 2019, that’s exactly what you’ll have as a participant in the UT SELECT Medical plan. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers health advocates* to help with your benefits questions and health care needs. 

The new Health Advocacy Solutions (HAS) program is the highest level of customer service BCBSTX has ever offered. Each HAS unit is a six person team made up of three clinical and three non-clinical BCBSTX employees. These specialists, including registered nurses, social workers and health and behavioral advocates, work together to coordinate complex care needs, help schedule your appointments, talk about claims issues, and even manage simple issues such as replacing your insurance ID cards.

In short, a HAS team member truly is your advocate and can help you and your covered family members:

  • Sort out a new diagnosis and what to do next;
  • Talk to a BCBSTX clinician about health questions;
  • Understand your health benefits;
  • Shop for quality, lower-cost health care; or
  • Get personal assistance with your health care matters.

It’s easy to reach a health advocate. Just call 866-882-2034 or download the BCBSTX app to chat live with a health advocate!

* Health advocates do not replace the care of a doctor and you should talk to your doctor about any medical questions or concerns.