New! UT CONNECT Medical Plan for Dallas / Fort Worth Area

We’re pleased to share exciting news about a new UT Benefits offering in the Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) area. Effective September 1, 2018, a new health plan, the UT CONNECT Accountable Care Organization (ACO), will be available for Employees and certain Retirees living in the designated service area. This plan is not replacing the UT SELECT Medical plan, it is an option that can be elected instead of UT SELECT during Annual Enrollment. By enrolling in the UT CONNECT ACO, participants will have access to excellent care managed through a designated primary care provider and will receive all of their medical services from a top quality network of Southwestern Health Resources providers and facilities.

Please review the details of the UT CONNECT plan below as well as a complete list of frequently asked questions


The UT CONNECT ACO focuses on achieving better health outcomes through closely managed medical care, and benefits are offered only for care obtained through a specific network of providers and facilities in the DFW area. Eligibility for the plan is limited to benefits-eligible Employees and non-Medicare eligible Retirees who live within the DFW service area. Retirees living in the area who are Medicare-eligible or who cover Medicare-eligible family members are not eligible to enroll in the UT CONNECT ACO, but continue to be eligible for the UT SELECT Medical plan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those wishing to enroll in the UT CONNECT ACO plan must make a positive election during Annual Enrollment. If you are currently enrolled in the UT SELECT Medical plan, you will continue in that plan unless you actively enroll in UT CONNECT.

Quality Provider Network

By enrolling in the UT CONNECT ACO (administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas), you can be assured that you and your dependents will have access to carefully managed health care through a dedicated network of outstanding Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) providers and facilities. To ensure a broad selection of providers in the Dallas area, UT CONNECT participants will have access to certain carefully-selected community doctors in addition to SWHR providers. If you currently receive services from a SWHR affiliated physician, they will be in the UT CONNECT provider network. If you don’t currently see a SWHR physician, but want to enroll in UT CONNECT, you can locate a network primary care provider online beginning in mid-July or by contacting BCBSTX’s dedicated UT CONNECT Customer Service team at (888) 372-3398 starting July 1, 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When enrolling in the UT CONNECT ACO plan, participants must designate a primary care provider (PCP) from the list of SWHR and affiliated community physicians. All care is coordinated through the PCP so participants must have one on file to receive benefits. 

Out-of-Pocket Premium Savings

Just as with the UT SELECT Medical plan, full-time Employee-only and Retiree-only coverage is available at no cost to the primary subscriber. Out-of-pocket premium rates for full-time employee and retiree Subscriber/Spouse, Subscriber/Children, and Subscriber/Family levels of coverage are approximately 10% lower than those for the UT SELECT Medical plan. Check the complete UT Benefits premium rate chart to see the savings you can enjoy based on your level of coverage. 

Enhanced Plan Design

When visiting UT CONNECT ACO network providers, benefits under the UT CONNECT plan are similar to those on the UT SELECT Medical plan. However, there are a few important differences between the two plans outlined below, and you can go online to take a deeper look at the UT CONNECT plan at www.bcbstx.com/utconnect.

Benefits Highlights UT CONNECT ACO (new) UT SELECT PPO (current)
Administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Yes Yes
Copay for First Primary Care Physician (PCP) Office Visit $0 $30 (unless for preventive care)
Copay for PCP Office Visits (After the First Visit) $15 (unless for preventive care) $30 (unless for preventive care)
Copay for Specialist Office Visit $25 $35
Copay for First 5 Days of Inpatient Care for UT Southwestern, Texas Health, Children’s Health and Cook Children’s Hospital Locations $0 $500
Copay for Outpatient Facility (Plus Coinsurance) $50 $100
Annual Deductible Individual / Family $250 / $750 $350 / $1,050
Coinsurance 80% plan / 20% member 80% plan / 20% member
Coinsurance Maximum Individual / Family $2,150 / $6,450 $2,150 / $6,450
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum Individual / Family (includes medical and prescription drug deductibles, copayments and coinsurance) $7,350 / $14,700 $7,350 / $14,700
Out-of-Network and Out-of-Area Benefits Urgent Care and emergency only Yes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the managed care model of the UT CONNECT ACO plan, there are no benefits for out-of-network or out-of-area services except for urgent care and medical emergencies. 

The UT CONNECT ACO plan will continue to utilize the current prescription drug plan (administered by Express Scripts) that matches the UT SELECT prescription benefit. The UT CONNECT ACO plan includes Basic Life Insurance for employees and retirees, plus Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance for employees. 

Customer Service

For more information about the UT CONNECT ACO plan or further assistance, please call BCBSTX’s dedicated UT CONNECT customer service team at (888) 372-3398, or read the UT CONNECT ACO Medical plan frequently asked questions.


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