Two men exercising.Routine health screenings and exams are key to staying healthy. Learn more about the preventive care benefits available to men through our UT SELECT Medical plan. 

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Close up of woman's feet in sneakers walking along a trail.A colleague from UT Austin shares her wellness success story. She recommends making a plan and staying consistent. Learn more about Pat's story.

Child hugging a smiling motherAnnual Enrollment is right around the corner. Learn more about important resources and upcoming dates.

Explanation of BenefitsThe Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) for your UT SELECT Medical coverage have a new look. Learn more about the recent changes intended to make them more understandable and user-friendly. 

Jar full of pennies with small plant growing out.The UTSaver Retirement Programs offer various options for investing your retirement savings. Learn more about the differences between mutual funds and various annuities that you might want to consider. 

Texas Capitol BuildingWith the end of the 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature on Monday, May 29th, your 2017-2018 UT Benefits program can now be finalized. Learn more about the session and what to expect for the upcoming plan year. 

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Children in life jackets with adult instructor.Summer is a great time for both indoor and outdoor activities. Learn more about keeping kids safe and healthy while they enjoy the summer fun.

Bowl of chowder.Soups aren't just for cold weather. Learn more about two simple summer options.

recipeWho wants to spend extra time in the kitchen doing the dishes? Learn more about simplifying your clean up with these one dish meals.

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TRSGetting enough good quality sleep is crucial for good overall health. Learn more about how to improve your sleep and boost your health.