alcohol awareness monthDrinking too much alcohol puts you at higher risk for injury and illness. Learn more about resources available to help you reduce your alcohol use, including the UT SELECT Medical plan.

tax strategiesHave you filed your 2017 taxes yet? Learn more about one of the best and simplest ways to reduce your taxable income.

medicareNew Medicare ID numbers and cards will offer greater protection to more than 57.7 million Americans using a Medicare plan. Learn more about what to expect if you’re enrolled in Medicare.

quesadillasTraditional quesadillas can be quite high in calories. Learn more about some healthier variations on these simple, tasty meals.


girl at dentistDon’t have a toothache? Can’t complain of eyestrain? You can still use your UT Benefits! Learn more about getting the most out of your dental and vision plans.

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keep UT system activeThe deadline to register for this Spring's activity challenge is fast approaching. Learn more about how to get signed up and what to expect.

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Naturally SlimSpace is limited for our Spring Naturally Slim class. Learn more about when and how to apply for the class beginning April 2.

Surviving Market VolatilityPerspective is an important tool when managing long term investments. Learn more about what to focus on when dealing with big shifts in the stock market.

Colorectal Cancer AwarenessGetting screened for colorectal cancer can save your life: It can stop cancer before it ever starts growing, or catch it early when it’s most treatable.

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Keep UT System ActiveBeginning April 2, join your colleagues in our latest wellness challenge. Learn more about what to expect and how to join the fun.