Remember!Get the most out of your UT FLEX accounts by not missing the important deadlines. Learn more about your accounts, deadlines, and resources available to you.

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Success storyMeet Renee from UT Health in Houston, who recommends joining the next activity challenge to get a jump start on reaching your goals.

UT Health NetworkThe new UT Health Network is now available. Learn more about how to get the most from your UT SELECT Medical plan by using participating UT providers and facilities.

Girl getting a vaccine Children aren't the only ones who need to stay current on their vaccines. Learn more about what adults should consider, too.

Financial LiteracyMany professors admit they'd only give themselves a "B" grade for financial literacy. Learn more about the reasons why and the UT Retirement resources available to help you bring your grade up to an "A+." 

Computer and medical documentsSeptember signals the start of a new plan year. Do you know what to expect with your UT Benefits?

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Women walking and drinking waterThe new Health Trails challenge is coming this fall. Learn more about how it will work and when to register.

Two-cheese veggie nachosFootball season isn't known for healthy eating. Learn more about some healthier options that work well for tailgating and other get-togethers.

Woman holding insurance ID Card.The new plan year starts on soon. Learn more about whether you should be expecting new ID Cards.

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Physician consulting with patient.If you haven't had them yet for this plan year, August is a great time to get your annual preventive exams. Learn more about what services are available to UT SELECT Medical participants at no out-of-pocket cost.