Glaucoma Awareness Month graphicGlaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. Learn more about how you can stay ahead of potential damage to your eyes.

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African American woman in t-shirt wearing earphones and holding phoneThe New Year is officially underway! Here's a peek at our upcoming Living Well programs so you can be ready to jump in. 

18jan_ins1-150.jpgThe New Year is a perfect time to take stock. Be sure you're getting the most out of your UT Benefits by following these tips. 

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Road sign saying "New Year, New You"Thinking about working on your health and wellness in the new year? Learn more about Living Well resources that can help.

Federal Tax Form with pen and calculatorYou may be eligible for a tax credit if you are making contributions to a qualified retirement plan. Learn more about the amount of the Saver's Credit, which depends on your level of income and contributions. 

Prescription bottlesThe new plan year for UT SELECT Part D began on January 1, 2018. Learn more about what to expect as the year gets underway.

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10K-A-Day logoIf you wish you could track activity along with your colleagues outside of our regular UT Activity Challenges, we have great news! Learn more about tracking steps year-round with the 10K-A-Day campaign.

Sweet Potato Medallions with Almond Sauce and Chickpea SaladHealthy and bright thanks to the high dose of vitamins they contain, sweet potatoes are a great option any time. Learn more about ways to enjoy this holiday staple outside of the holidays.

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Man sipping coffeeThe holiday season sometimes comes with extra stress or anxiety. Learn more about the services available through your institution's Employee Assistance Program to help you cope.

Green bean casseroleAs we continue through the holiday season this month, why not try some new twists for holiday side dishes. Learn more about options to "lighten up" some familiar favorites.