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About Accounting & Administration

The role of Accounting & Administration (A&A) is to promote the success of OFPC's overall mission by providing high quality support in the areas of accounting, administration, compliance, contracting and capital improvement program.

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The Accounting & Administration (A&A) group is generally responsible for OFPC financial and project accounting; Board of Regents and Executive Vice Chancellor approvals; contract and work order administration; document retention; inventory financial reporting; fiscal budgeting; office services; OFPC Management Fee collection, and Maintenance and Operating expense reporting; UT System and OFPC audits; UT System compliance and reporting; and all other administrative support needed for OFPC's main and satellite offices.

The A&A group is the "bridge" between the UT System financial control activities and the project, including:

OFPC Administrative Responsibilities
  • Approve staff travel reimbursement
  • Document retention and control
  • Manage general office purchases, including office supplies and staff registrations
  • Manage general OFPC financial accounting, including operating expense reporting
  • Liaison to The UT System Employee Services, UT System Finance and Office of Technology & Information Systems for General Office Administration
  • Maintain OFPC administrative policies
  • Maintain OFPC furniture and equipment inventory
  • Manage UT System Audit Office audits
  • Manage OFPC computer refresh program
  • Manage The UT System Human Resources Management System for hiring of new staff
  • Manage UT System Open Records Requests
  • Monitor overall OFPC compliance
  • Manage OFPC's main building (Austin, Tx) operations and maintenance
  • Monitor The UT System time sheet and leave request policies
Program Control Systems Responsibilities
  • Administer OFPC program management software applications
  • Identify and implement information and technology best practices
  • Manage OFPC databases, software licenses and other applications, including OFPC’s Program Unifier System (OPUS)
  • Manage the OFPC Website
  • Provide program reports to UT System and OFPC executives
General Project Delivery Responsibilities
  • Monitor UT System delegation letters
  • Coordinate the Capital Improvement Program Coordination approval process
  • Approve and collect OFPC Management Fee
  • Maintain the OFPC standard contracts, Uniform General Conditions and Prevailing Wage Rates
  • Liaison to UT System Office of Finance, Office of Employee Services, Office of General Counsel and Office of Technology & Information Systems
Specific Project Responsibilities
  • Coordinate presentation of agenda items to the BOR
  • Review and process BOR, EVCBA and President approval letters
  • Approve contracts, work authorizations and issue construction contract Notice to Proceeds
  • Issue expenditure vouchers to Institutions authorizing payment to service providers
  • Conduct "desk audits" of expenditures
  • Process Institution cash requests for bond funded projects
  • Coordinate project approvals with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • Monitor OFPC Risk Mitigation & Monitoring Plan
  • Conduct and report componentization to the Institutions at project close-out
  • Monitor and coordinate the project close-out process with senior project management and the Institution