A UT System Strategic Initiative in Manufacturing, Logistics and Sustainment

The University of Texas System understands the importance to Texas of a globally competitive and innovative manufacturing sector. Therefore, we are embarking on an ambitious strategic initiative that will engage expertise across our campuses to enable and ensure that Texas’ industrial companies and workers can thrive in coming years even as materials, products, processes and even business models transform around them.

Our proposed initiative has two major components.  1) Identify and exploit emerging opportunities in the design and use of innovative materials and processing technologies. 2) Design, develop and deploy a net-centric “industrial Internet” infrastructure across Texas so we can learn how to support distributed production, reduce the technology gaps between OEMs and suppliers, and fundamentally transform post-production logistics and sustainment.


Working with industrial partners in locations across Texas and beyond, we will work to design and test new production and distribution regimes less constrained by the costs related to time and distance. The resulting industrial ecosystem in Texas will continue to attract investment, incubate innovation, expand markets and create jobs in Texas…for Texans. In turn, these efforts can help ensure that Texas’ manufacturing can retain its role as Texas’ dominant economic sector.

We believe Texas’ “next industrial era” will accelerate the transit of manufacturing from establishment-to-enterprise-to-ecosystem. We see the UT System’s role as supporting that transition by drawing on the expertise and energy of our component institutions and extending their “reach.” We will do this by enabling a tighter integration between research and application, education and training and by mapping academic activities to specific economic and educational needs.