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UT-HIP and Vizient CDB

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ut hip and vizient


The University of Texas Health Intelligence Platform (UT-HIP) is a program designed to integrate and analyze health data from The University of Texas System’s six health institutions and two medical schools. One of the key tools that is used to accomplish this goal is Vizient Clinical Database (CDB), an analytics platform that provides monthly tracking of health-related measures like mortality, length of stay, readmission rates, and hospital-acquired conditions, as well as cost and efficiency measures.



UT-HIP’s work with Vizient Clinical Database is conducted in collaboration with two systemwide groups. The Chief Quality Officers and other quality leaders from the eight health and medical institutions meet every two weeks for rapid cycle collaboratives, in which they take a specific measure from the quality data, analyze the data across institutions for opportunities for improvement, hear from the institutions that are doing it best, and then implement new practices when appropriate. The UT-HIP team is also working to support the Vizient CDB coordinators on each campus, and to connect these coordinators with each other.

The UT-HIP team supports both of these efforts by analyzing data, developing custom visualizations, continually refining dashboards, and presenting findings to the teams.


About Vizient

Vizient is the largest member-driven, health care performance improvement company in the country. It was developed by the nation’s leading academic medical centers in order to allow each institution to track its quality metrics, and progress, against its peers. 97% of academic medical centers in the United States use Vizient CDB. Collectively, they input more 90 million outpatient and inpatient visit data submissions per year

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