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The Texas Health Journal is an ongoing digital effort to tell the story of how the 14 institutions that make up the University of Texas System are improving the health of the people of Texas and expanding the base of health knowledge and practice on a national and international scale.

More broadly, the Texas Health Journal mission is to facilitate the awareness, conversation, communication and collaboration that are essential to every aspect of health, from face-to-face encounters between doctors and patients to multi-institutional research projects to population level analyses of big data sets. We're all in this together, and the Texas Health Journal is a small part of the larger dedication of the UT System to improving the lives of Texans and people all over the world through education, research and health care.


First of its Kind

The UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics has just launched the world’s first Doctorate in Health Informatics (DHI), which is designed for high level health professionals who want not just to understand new informatics technologies but to grasp how to implement them in the context of complex organizations and rapidly changing policy and regulatory landscapes.

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Talking Pharmacy with Dean Lynn Crismon

In May 2020, Lynn Crismon, PharmD will step down as Dean of The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy after two terms. We spoke to Crismon about the lessons he's learned over the 12 years of his deanship; about the past, present, and future of pharmacy; and about his advice for the next dean.

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The Social Question

The Accountable Health Communities Training Team at UTHealth School of Public Health is working to integrate healthcare and public health implementation teams to address social needs of patients.

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Toward a Team Based Future

In 2017, in recognition of the need to make it happen much more often and more effectively, The University of Texas at Austin brought together its four health professions schools and colleges to launch the Center for Health Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPE).

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The Epidemiologist in the Living Room

The UTHealth School of Public Health is meeting students where they are with a new online MPH degree in epidemiology.

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Tobacco, Vaping and the 86th Legislature

“Tobacco 21” is now law in Texas. The State approved a major funding increase for anti-tobacco efforts at the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). And The Department of State Health Services can now use public funds for anti-tobacco marketing campaigns.

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Trying to Stem the Tide of Youth Vaping: Searching for Public Health Messaging that Works

The meteoric rise in youth e-cigarette use has public health experts scrambling to find a way to convince teenagers to stop vaping, but despite known risks, limited data on the long-term effects of vaping has made their job challenging.

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The Great Unknown

Dr. Fatima Alshbool is investigating the effects of e-cigarettes on the cardiovascular system.

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