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Copyright and Trademark: Fair Use and Clearance

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UT System and institution faculty and staff use copyrighted works and trademarks in a variety of ways, such as in academic papers, classroom discussion, handouts, presentations, computer programs, websites, and more.  When third parties own the rights to these copyrights and trademarks, it is very important to know the procedures to “clear” use of this intellectual property.  A clearance can help to avoid unauthorized use and make UT (and often the individual who used the copyrighted work or the trademark) less vulnerable to an IP infringement claim.

In this webinar,  Jim Cox and Beth Mack, Senior Attorneys in the Business Law Section of the Office of General Counsel at the University of Texas System, will review fair use for both Copyright and Trademark.  They will also discuss how to “clear” a copyrighted item for use, including license(s), permissions, and fair use.  While they can’t guarantee that by attending this webinar you will never be vulnerable to an infringement claim again, they can teach you ways to reduce the risk of such claims.