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The Texas Public Information Act: To the Basics and Beyond

OGC Webinar Series

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Courtesy of the University of Texas System Office of General Counsel Webinar Series.

What do you do if you get handed a public information request? What if it’s emailed to you? Would you be able to recognize a request? It might be more difficult than you think.This presentation will explain what you may have always wanted to know and everything you wish you could unlearn about the Texas Public Information Act. Specifically, we will provide a brief overview of the basics and an in-depth discussion of advanced topics, such as:

  • bids, contracts, and third party information
  • law enforcement and privacy
  • internet and administrative investigations

We hope to clarify these topics for you and give you the tools to make compliance with the Texas PublicInformation Act easy-breezy.

Presented by Cynthia Tynan, Ana Vieira Ayala, and Audra Welter