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UT Rio Grande Valley Coordinated Response, Prevention Efforts, and Resources to Address Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Dating/Domestic Abuse and Violence, and Unwanted Sexual Contact.



Supportive Services

Confidential Resources and Reporting —

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides confidential medical care to any student, including victims of sexual assault. Student Health Services offers general medical care, women’s wellness, skin care, sexually transmitted disease screening, HIV testing, and more. It also houses a Class D pharmacy and carries over the counter items. Visit for information.

The University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center provides free and confidential mental health services to any student.  Their primary purpose is to address mental health concerns and promote personal growth and well-being. Visit for information.

OVAVP Victim Advocates

Victim Advocates at the Office for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention provide confidential, non-judgmental assistance  to victims and survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, interpersonal violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. Advocates can explain rights, provide help in locating resources, and assist with appropriate accommodations for victims’ and survivors’ unique situations. Visit for information.

Vaqueros Report It

Vaqueros Report It is an online reporting system provided by Student Rights and Responsibilities that offers a way for students, staff, and faculty to anonymously report potential instances of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or other concerns or complaints. Visit for information.


Coordinated Response

Efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault and sexual misconduct are coordinated across several areas at UTRGV.

Office of Institutional Equity

The Office of Institutional Equity coordinates and administers the University’s Title IX efforts and investigates complaints against discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Visit for information.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office serves students by providing  opportunities for campus engagement and personal development while supporting students who have questions or difficulties. The Student Rights and Responsibilities office within the Dean of Students takes a leadership role in Title IX issues affecting students, both enforcing the student code of conduct and acting as a mediator for students with complaints, as well as providing educational outreach. Visit and for information.

Office for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention (OVAVP)

OVAVP is an advocacy center that works with students, staff, faculty, and community partners to provide services aimed at eliminating interpersonal violence and improving campus safety.  Visit for information.

University Police

A division of the University of Texas System Police, the UTRGV Police Department is responsible for the welfare of faculty, staff, students, and visitors on campus, as well as the protection of university assets. Visit for information.



University policy requires that all new students and all staff and faculty receive training to avoid sexual misconduct and harassment.  Policy requires that all staff and faculty receive such training on an annual basis.

Syllabus Statement

The following statement is required on all course syllabi to emphasize the university’s support of a learning environment free from sexual misconduct and dis-crimination and to make transparent the role of responsible employees on campus:

“In accordance with UT System regulations, your instructor is a “responsible employee” for reporting purposes under Title IX regulations and so must report any instance, occurring during a student’s time in college, of sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, or sexual harassment about which she/he becomes aware during this course through writing, discussion, or personal disclosure. More information can be found at, including confidential resources available on campus. The faculty and staff of UTRGV actively strive to provide a learning, working, and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility, and mutual respect in an environment free from sexual misconduct and discrimination.”


Professional Training

Employee Compliance and Title IX Training

Every new UTRGV employee completes training modules that include topics related to compliance, security, safety, avoiding sexual harassment and misconduct, and other departmentally specific modules such as Culture of Respect Webinars, and Responsible Employee and Reporting on Critical Incidents training.  Multiple modules are repeated yearly for all staff and faculty, including content on
sexual harassment and misconduct.

Office of Institutional Equity Training

The Office of Institutional Equity provides training on understanding the role of responsible employees, identifying and responding to sexual harassment, Title IX, and other topics as needed across the institution.

Victim-Centered Investigations

This training, offered by OVAVP, builds police expertise in using a victim-centered approach to conduct trauma-informed investigations.

Sign Language Interpreter Training on Confidentiality and Title IX

This training, offered by OVAVP, builds interpreter skills when interpreters are needed in hearings, interventions, or other advocacy settings.


Awareness, Prevention, and Educational Efforts

New Student Orientation

One-day sessions at the beginning of the academic year are provided for all incoming freshman. During orientation, new students are provided with information about campus services as well as the student code of conduct, academic integrity, the Vaquero Honor Code, sexual assault and sexual misconduct, and other relevant policies. Visit for information.

UTRGV Superhero Project

This bystander intervention program is aimed at changing social norms on campus and promoting the idea that individual Vaqueros have the power to prevent high-risk behavior and harm. Trainings are provided to student staff, first-year courses, students, and staff about active bystander prevention techniques. Visit for information.

It’s on Us Campaign

This campus campaign raises awareness by recognizing the role individuals have in helping solve the problem of sexual assault and taking the pledge, “It’s on us, all of us.”

Take Back the Night

An annual event that brings awareness to interpersonal violence and empowers the UTRGV community to create a more supportive and safe campus.

Sexual Assault Awareness

Risk management presentations and orientations are regularly provided to students, student organizations, student athletes, and on-campus residents.  Topics include sexual assault awareness, active bystander training, and identifying risky behaviors.

Everfi Training

This training is an online course for all new UTRGV students with the goal of minimizing the risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence.

Research-Based, Trauma-Informed, Victim-Centered Advocate Training Conference

This free training conference is offered annually by OVAVP and the Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (CAVE) Project, in conjunction with the three local community shelters, local advocacy groups, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, and the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office.  The conference focuses on training advocates, attorneys, and first responders, as well as campus and community members who are interested in understanding gender-based violence and how to respond to it while avoiding victim-blaming words and behaviors.

OVAVP Healthy Relationship Awareness Events

OVAVP regularly schedules awareness events that include community and university participants to raise awareness regarding warning signs of “unhealthy” relationships and focus on healthy relationships as a way to prevent gender-based violence.

Wonder Woman Fair

Departments and organizations help to educate women in the campus community about important women’s issues. Visit for information.

  • Other Awareness and Tabling Events
  • Delta Zeta Sorority movie events
  • 5K Color Runs in April and October
  • Remember Me:  Confronting Violence Against Women in the RGV
  • Art Against Violence (juried student art show)
  • Turn the Campus Teal
  • Pride in the Ball Park
  • Denim Day
  • Presentations to various departments and student groups
  • Counseling Center and OVAVP tabling events