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The University of Texas at San Antonio Campus Response, Prevention Efforts and Resources to Address Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Dating/Domestic Abuse and Violence, and Unwanted Sexual Contact.


Supportive Services

On-Campus Resources—

Equal Opportunity Services (EOS)

EOS is committed to developing and sustaining a learning and working environment that is diverse, inclusive, and free of illegal discrimination and harassment in any form. EOS will also assist individuals in reporting sexual misconduct and investigate claims of retaliation related to our Title IX process. For information visit or call (210) 458-4120.

Student Ombudsperson

The student ombudsperson offers supportive services  to all students in a welcoming and safe environment. The ombudsperson responds and helps with students’ encountering challenges within the campus community. Contact Student Ombudsperson at (210) 458-4136.

Academic Affairs Ombudsperson

The ombudsperson is a neutral individual who serves the university academic community in providing confidential and informal assistance for resolving conflicts, concerns, and complaints. Contact Academic Affairs Ombudsperson at (210) 458-5605.

Silent Witness Program

Students can make a confidential report of a crime (NOT intended to report crimes in progress) to UTSA Police Department as a silent witness. Visit for information.

Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS)

SCCS upholds the high behavioral and academic standards of the student code of conduct. They seek to promote student success through personal journeys. For information on behavioral standards visit or call (210) 458-4720.

Confidential Resources and Reporting —

UTSA Counseling Services

Offers currently enrolled students and the campus community a variety of professional counseling services including group counseling, individual counseling, psychiatry services, and learning disability testing. Counselors are specially trained in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A number of counselors are identified as having special interest and experience in working with LGBTQ students. All services are confidential and available in Spanish. Information and crisis services are available 24/7, contact the Crisis Hotline at (210) 458-4140.

Student Health Services

Provides confidential healthcare services and wellness programs for currently enrolled students. Services include: general medical care, women’s wellness, health education, immunizations, laboratory work, dental screening, and STI testing. For more information, contact (210) 458-4142.

Off-Campus Resources—

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN)

This 24-hour rape crisis hotline is available 24/7. For information visit or call (800) 656-4673.

The Rape Crisis Center

This community partner works to support all survivors of sexual assault and ensure victims have a responsive medical, law enforcement, and criminal justice system. Offers free and confidential counseling, 24-hour crisis intervention services. For information chat live or contact (210) 349-7273.


Coordinated Response

Title IX Coordinator and Equal Opportunity Services Director

Oversight and responsibility with regard to Title IX matters. Email Leonard Flaum at or call at (210) 458-4120.

UTSA Police Department (UTSAPD)

The UTSA Police Department’s mission is to protect and serve all persons within the UTSA community, while protecting the resources of the university. For emergencies call (210) 458-4911 or 911 from any UTSA phone. For non-emergencies call (210) 458-4242. Visit for more information.

Equal Opportunity Services

Information and support for victims of sexual assault and other Title IX forms of violence are available from the EOS and Office of Student Life at (210) 458-4720.

Safety Escort Program

UTSAPD uniformed staff will provide an escort from anywhere on campus to any location on campus 24/7. For information contact UTSA Police at (210) 458-4242.



UTSA EOS Title IX Policy

Visit for the policy.


Professional Training

Compliance for Students —

UTSA Standards of Conduct

Visit for Standards of Conduct training information.


Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault is an online program that educates students about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities. Haven is mandatory for all freshman. Failure to complete the program will result in a hold preventing students from viewing grades or requesting a transcript. Managed by Student Health Services. For more information, contact (210) 458-4142.

Haven Plus

Haven Plus is an online program that educates students about the same elements as Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault. The primary difference is that the content is presented in a way that recognizes the unique perspective and experiences of students who fall outside of our traditional-aged residential undergraduate population (grad students and adult learners). Haven Plus is mandatory for incoming graduate students seeking a master’s degree. Failure to complete the program will result in a hold preventing students from viewing grades or requesting a transcript. Managed by Student Health Services. For more information, contact (210) 458-4142.

Alcohol EDU

AlcoholEdu for College is an online course that educates students about Alcohol and empowers students to make well-informed decisions and provides simple strategies to help stay safe. AlcoholEdu is mandatory for all new incoming freshmen under 21. Failure to complete the program will result in a hold preventing students from viewing grades or requesting a transcript. Managed by Student Health Services. For more information, contact (210) 458-4142.

House Bill 699 Acknowledgment

Under the requirements of H.B. 699 passed in June 2015, UTSA is required to train each entering freshman or undergraduate student on our campus sexual assault policy before or during the first semester or term in which the student is enrolled at UTSA. Managed by EOS.

Training for Students —

Rowdy Wing Fling

Annual alcohol awareness programing for students, faculty and staff; focus is on the connection between alcohol and sexual violence. Students are offered the opportunity to engage with campus departments and community agencies to learn about available resources. Offered in the fall and hosted by UTSA Student Activities.

Party of the Paseo

Annual alcohol awareness programming; connection made between alcohol and sexual violence offered in the spring. Annual alcohol awareness programming; connection made between alcohol and sexual assault violence offered in the spring. Students are offered the opportunity to engage with campus departments and community agencies to learn about available re-sources. Hosted by UTSA Student Activities. Hosted by UTSA Student Activities.

Orientation Training

EOS conducts Title IX and Campus SaVE training for all graduate students, freshman, and transfer students during their specialized orientation sections. Includes skits, panels, discussions, and Q & A session.

State-mandated Risk Management Training

Required training for student organization leaders and advisors that covers seven risk management topics including information on sexual assault prevention and Title IX. Annual multiple trainings provided by UTSA Student Activities. Contact Student Activities at (210) 458-4160.

Compliance for University Employees —

Title IX & Campus SaVE Act [SD-360]

Comprehensive Title IX and Campus SaVE classroom training on issues related to stalking, dating/domestic violence, and sexual assault for all faculty and staff. Offered each quarter through UTSA Training and Development. UTSA responsible student employees receive Title IX and Campus SaVE training each fall semester, coordinated through departmental managers. For more information, contact EOS.

UTSA Institutional Compliance and Risk Services

Provides compliance training for all faculty and staff on sexual harassment, Title IX, and Campus SaVE. Visit for information on compliance. Anonymous reporting is available via the UTSA Hotline at 1-877-270-5051.

Training for Law Enforcement —

UTSAPD Police Training on Sexual Assault 

Selected UTSAPD police officers attend the Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigators Course (SAFVIC). This course is specifically designed to provide law enforcement officers with the tools they need to effectively investigate and prevent sexual assault and family violence.

Law Enforcement Training

UTSAPD officers are offered the opportunity to attend TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) training on various topics such as, sexual assault victim interviewing, crime scene investigation, court room testimony and cultural diversity.

Classroom Training —

SD 309 Sexual Harassment Training

Optional classroom training that uses case law and case examples to facilitate discussion on sexual harassment to improve the identification and intervention in sexual harassment in the workplace.

SU 330 Discrimination: Applied Learning Scenarios

Classroom training that provides participants increased knowledge and skills on sexual harassment and discrimination prevention.

SD 310 Becoming an ALLY

Classroom training for members of UTSA community to support and provide resources to UTSA LGBTQ students and to provide visible support and a welcoming environment on campus.

SD 308 Diversity Awareness: Meet on Common Ground

Classroom training to explore diversity awareness at UTSA using the four step M.E.E.T. process. The course promotes communication and understanding across similarities and differences.

SU 317 Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Your Role as a Supervisor

Classroom training that provides definitions, exercises, and case law to UTSA supervisors to prevent all components of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment (this is required).


Awareness, Prevention, and Educational Efforts

Bringing in the Bystander

This peer-led sexual violence prevention program helps students identify the continuum of inappropriate sexual behavior; develop empathy for sexual violence survivors; understand their role in bystander intervention; understand barrier to intervention and how to overcome them; and develop skills to intervene as an active bystander. Required for all student employees in Student Affairs.  Also available to student group by re-quest as workshops. Visit for information.

Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA)

Registered student organization advocating for sexual violence awareness and prevention on campus.

Whistle Defense Program

The Whistle Defense Program is a campus safety program based on the use of whistles to alert patrol officers, students, faculty, and staff that an immediate threat or a crime is in progress, with the hope of diffusion. For information contact UTSA Police Community Affairs at (210) 458-6250.

Sex Signals

This educational sexual assault prevention program aims to reduce interpersonal violence through creative, dynamic presentations and messaging.  Designed for college audiences and open to students, faculty, and staff. Hosted by UTSA EOS & Title IX Office and Vice President of Student Affairs Office (VPSA). Visit for information.

Girls Night Out/Guys Night In

Educational student program with interactive panel and information fair about sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and healthy relationships. Hosted by UTSA Student Health Services. Visit for information.

The Hunting Ground Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Documentary film looking at campus sexual assault and violence. Offered during the spring semester and hosted by UTSA EOS & Title IX, Women’s Studies, and Panhellenic Council.

Beaks Up. Speak Up.

UTSA bystander initiative which coordinates and provides bystander education opportunities to staff, faculty, and students through conference training, educational programs, and social marketing.

Crime Prevention Presentations

UTSAPD Crime Prevention Unit provides presentations on personal safety, sexual assault prevention, acquaintance rape, women’s self-defense, and alcohol. For information contact UTSA Police Community Affairs at (210) 458-6250.

Counseling Services Presentations

Counselors provide presentations on sexual assault prevention, rape culture, helping survivors, and healthy relationships on request. To request a presentation, visit

Student Health Services Presentations

Health educators provide presentations and events on human sexuality, safer sex, and healthy relationships on request. For information visit

Equal Opportunity Services Presentations

EOS staff provide presentations on sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and discrimination upon request.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

A number of departments including UTSA Police, Equal Opportunity Services, Counseling Services, Student Health Services, and Student Activities collaborate to participate in this nationwide event to promote sexual assault awareness during the month of April. Events include tabling events in high traffic areas, workshops, film screenings, discussion groups, social norming campaigns, social media outreach, photo booths, and collaboration with registered student organizations. For information contact UTSA Police Community Affairs (210) 458-6974.

Call to Action Day

Program to raise awareness of sexual violence prevention through education. Attendees can ask questions and obtain information about sexual violence awareness, along with showing support and making a pledge to be an active bystander. Managed by UTSA Police Department, Community Affairs and UTSA Inter Fraternity Council. For information email or call (210) 458-
6974. Access online with UTSA on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Take Back the Night

A gender-inclusive awareness initiative to help college students take back the night and stop violence on campus. Focus includes addressing sexual assault and dating/domestic violence, and promoting available local support resources. Offered in the fall and spring semesters and hosted by UTSA Women’s Studies Institute, Rape Crisis Center, and UTSA Police. Visit for information or call (210) 458-6277.

National Night Out

This annual campaign to decrease crime and increase safety awareness in the UTSA community is held in the fall and hosted by UTSA Police Department, Community Affairs.